Monday, 24 March 2008

Flyers & Fish Nibbles

Flyer & Rain

This afternoon saw our staff visit to a new Singapore attraction - the Singapore Flyer. 'Frequent fliers' on such attractions tell me that it compares very favourably with the London Eye.

Not that I will be in a position to judge, as my taste for heights is not what it once was. I now work on the principle of terra firma - the more firma the less terra.

While the others took their thirty minute spin I had a look around the recently opened complex. It's been a huge investment and the engineering is very impressive.

Once my colleagues were safely grounded we spent a pleasant half an hour having our feet nibbled in a rather fishy pedicure. The fish in question being Doctor Fish , or Garra rufa to its friends.

This is one of the latest spa crazes to hit Singapore. At least when someone asks me "What did you do last Monday?" I will be able to reply "I had my feet in a bucket of flesh-eating minnows".

What does it feel like?

Well the sensation is not unpleasant, much like small electrical discharges on the soles of the feet.

Thank goodness they are not attempting this treatment with Piranha.

Postscript: And if you should wonder why I did not go on the Singapore Flyer then please note that within the week of writing the above came the news of hundreds of visitors being stranded in the air on the London Eye!

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