Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The One Eyed Dragon Comes Good?

News this week of the execution of a notorious triad member with strong gang connections in Malaysia.

Known to friends and foes alike as the One Eyed Dragon this gentleman reportedly had a violent temper and was so named becuase he was blind in one eye.

He was extradited from Malaysia where violence is unfortunately rife and the gang problem is immense. His crime, the cold blooded killing of another man and for this he paid the price. Singapore retains capital punishment for such offences.

While there is media interest in capital punishment the real story was that at the last minute this murderer donated his organs and one of the reported recipients was from a very wealthy Singapore family - the Tangs (of Tangs Department Store fame).

Mr Tang captured the headlines himself a few months ago when he was prosecuted and convicted for attempting to purchase a replacement kidney.

I expect there is a moral to this story but for now it escapes me.

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