Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Rapturous Success

DinoTrails - Plaza Singapura

It's the Great Singapore Sale, a legendary shopping experience that draws visitors from far and wide.

Unfortunately the term "Great" is rather overplayed this year and, as several tourists have observed, the bargains are not immediately obvious.

Not that one can blame the retailers, many of whom are struggling to survive in the depths of the current recession and of course, there are only so many 'new suitcases' that one needs to buy.

From the upper level of the 111 bus going down Orchard Road I noted a feeding frenzy in the Gucci shop in Paragon Shopping Mall. Apart from that the place seemed quiet especially for a weekend.

Malls are resorting to other attractions to draw in the crowds. In Plaza Singapura a large dinosaur display had its young audience in raptures (a rather unfortunate pun). The Singapore Science Centre Explainers were excellent in the manner they entertained and educated the children.

Nearby in the Capitol Theatre, the teenage audience were queuing up to audition for Singapore Idol 2009. Many had camped out overnight to be first to get on stage.

Reports in the evening news said that 4,000 people turned up to the auditions and such was the demand that the judges are going to be subjected to a second day of excruciating auditory abuse.
This is bad news for those of us searching for some quality entertainment on local television if the previous years standard are anything to go by.
Not that all local talent shows are bad. Earlier in the year there was a series on local bands and some of these were excellent with deft musicianship and tight harmonies.

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