Monday, 13 September 2010

When your time is up

Francis Bacon, From a PaintingDeath by hay bale seems an unlikely coroner's verdict but this is precisely what happened this week to a former member of rock band Electric Light Orchestra.

A quite drive in the countryside took a dramatic turn of events as the former cellist had a rolling bale land in front of his vehicle.

If this seems bizarre then spare a thought for the late Francis Bacon (not the painter, the earlier version) who died after attempting to stuff snow into a chicken.

According to this information source: "In 1625, whilst gazing out the window at a snowy afternoon, Sir Francis Bacon had an epiphany of sorts. Why would snow not work as preservative of meat in much the same way salt is used? Needing to know and unheeding of the weather, Bacon rushed to town to purchase a chicken, brought it home and began the experiment. Standing outside in the snow, he killed the chicken and tried to stuff it with snow. The experiment was a failure; the chicken didn’t freeze, and as a consequence of standing around in the freezing weather, Bacon developed a terminal case of pneumonia. Trying to stave off the inevitable, Bacon roasted and ate the chicken. That too was a failed experiment. He died"
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