Sunday, 27 November 2011

On The Couch

Sofas - Botany Road
Roger Smith
This week in my neighbourhood the roads have been littered with non biodegradable bric a brac.  This is the annual refuse collection of such materials provided by our local Council.

Unfortunately such a treasure trove of old washing machines and worn out rubber tires attracts a significant number of our Polynesian brethren and a few other hangers-on in their trucks and cars, eager to pick up anything that might turn a small profit.

Actually I haven't really made up my mind if this is 'unfortunate' or not?  If someone has a use for a misshapen slab of concrete why not let them have it.  It is just that it is less than edifying spectacle.

Not that such behaviour is confined to the streets of Auckland.  Our condo in Singapore saw a regular procession of maids and assorted ground staff, fossicking through the waste bins on the look-out for some expat throw away item.

There were many of these cast-offs as the cost of freight from Singapore back to a home country meant that it was not cost effective to do so.

Also less than edifying was the humiliating defeat of the New Zealand Labour party in last night's General Election; not that it was unexpected.

As this map in the New Zealand Herald shows the electoral map is now dominated by the blue of the National Party which means that the Prime Minister John Key is secure for another three years.

Source: NZ Herald
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