Friday, 25 January 2013

What A Pack Of Dicks!

If there is one thing I enjoy about the Aussie culture it is their irreverence and preparedness to poke fun at one another.

For this coming Australia Day one their most iconic entrepreneurs, Dick Smith, produced a tongue-in-cheek video. Here it is.

It all seems a fairly innocuous, albeit full of innuendo, piece of humour. Quite amazingly the Ozzie media censorship board (Commercial Advice Board to be exact) has given it a rating that makes it unsuitable to screen in prime time; talk about political correctness!

Not surprisingly Dick Smith is irate and is seriously considering legal action. The irony is of course, that as result of this P.C. action, the ad will get a lot more exposure through the digital world than it ever would have in a few slots associated with a national news programme.

Perhaps the last word should go to Dick himself who has said,

"I think it's harmless, it's good fun and these people should reverse their decision and on Australia Day let me run the damn thing. They're talking about beeping it out and I said 'No'".

I have to agree as a little humour goes a long way and long may it remain so.

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