Friday, 22 February 2013

Leisure and Boredom

Mangonui Panorama
 There’s leisure and there’s boredom.

Boredom is Norwegian television where viewers watched two hours of wood being chopped followed by another three watching the wood burning on an open fire.  Apparently the only complaints received related to the wood stacks not being done correctly; not the sheer paralysis induced by the programme content.

Leisure on the other hand is what I am doing now – another trip to New Zealand’s Far North, staying once again in Kerikeri.  This time we are using it more as a base to explore points further north.

Our choice of motel this time around is Kauri Park and what a beautiful spot it is.  A free glass of wine upon arrival is the norm, tuis singing outside our back door and a deal well done for an executive unit for four nights.

Our hosts, Dallas and Delphine are a convivial couple; he an ex fire-fighter from Wanganui  I discovered.  Looking after picky customers must be somewhat akin to putting out a scrub fire.

We took a little over four hours to get here as there were considerable delays for patches of road works enroute.

Lean To - Mangonui
On this our second day we venture 66 kilometres further north to Mangonui, passing briefly to buy a lottery ticket in the rural settlement of Kaeo. I am working on the theory that the largest jackpots seem to be won in the smallest hamlets although come Saturday this observation will no doubt prove to be unfounded, as it has been in the past.

Mangonui is famous for its fish and chips but a quick visit to the shop was all we need to realise that fame has its price -  and the price was not one we were willing to pay on this occasion.

It is a remote but pretty little town with some historic buildings from the 1890’s that have been renovated and put to alternative uses.   For example, the old courthouse has become an art gallery.

The Yellow Boat
But the visit made a pleasant half day and we have now returned to the cool sanctuary of our motel room.  Tomorrow we will drive to Paihia and take the ferry across to the historic town of Russell.

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