Monday, 15 January 2007

Smouldering Credit Cards and Biking Follies

There is a certain solemnity about traffic accidents. It reminds one of the frailty of the human body and how one life experience can be so quickly changed to another. I mention this because as I was travelling home in a cab Thursday evening we came across a scene of personal tragedy involving a motor cyclist and a car that had hit him while trying to run an intersection. This event had happened only a few moments before we arrived on the scene and already several passers-by had rushed to the prone man's aid as he lay, clad in cycling leathers, near the middle of the road.

If ever I needed a reminder just how dangerous riding a motorbike can be, this was it. This is very much the case in the torrential downpours that are experienced here where the road can get very slippery in a thrice.

It is not uncommon to see huddles of cyclists under overbridges on the expressways as they don their wet weather gear, in the face of an advancing storm.

In a far more cheerful vein, we spent much of yesterday visiting our apartment, which is being renovated. The good news is that it will be ready for us by next Thursday.

On the strength of this information we swung into action and with credit cards flashing, descended upon 'Bests' which is the local chain of stores that sell electrical and households goods. Several thousands of dollars later we staggered out and then set about alerting removal men, the local Telco's and everyone else who needs to be notified of our impending shift.

One quick visit to the local Police station with our identity cards meant that our new address was recorded. They in turn will alert all government departments on our behalf.

If only Singtel could emulate the local constabulary's efficiency!

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