Thursday, 24 September 2015

Red Peak Is A Red Herring!

This late inclusion of a nondescript piece of cloth into the new New Zealand flag debate is more about political one-upmanship than national identity.

A flag (Canada's is an excellent example) is about an immediately recognisable design that has a key recognisable element.  This so-called 'red peak' design lacks any immediacy or national identity.

There are really only three design elements that resonate with all New Zealanders:
 - The Kiwi
 - The Koru
 - The Silver Fern

It is the latter, the fern, that is by far the obvious choice and is already widely recognisable as 'New Zealand'.

I'll be voting for a design that includes it.  If for some bizarre reason 'Red Peak' is chosen as the preferred alternative I will then vote for retaining the existing.  

But perhaps that is the outcome that 'change the flag' critics & red peak supporters have been hoping for anyway?

Sunday, 6 September 2015

When Nasi Lemak Goes Wrong - New Art Work

When Nasi Lemak Goes Wrong
on canvas
Roger Smith 2015
Get the print here.
Nasi Lemak is one of my favourite food but I couldn't resist adding the odd surrealist flourish!  This work used a twitterbot to start the process and I worked from there.

For those who have had food poisoning from suspect chili paste this work may have a different interpretation.