Sunday, 13 January 2008

The World's Your Oyster

Well not quite...

News today that oysters are off the menu for lovers of that asian delicacy, the oyster omlette. As with many food stuffs from China this product has a bad press in Singapore.

80% of oyster imports from China into Singapore were rejected in 2007 and hawkers are resorting to the use of prawns as a a substitute.

Orh Luak (a name for the omlette) has a delicate taste but the oysters are very small. They bear no resembance to the large rock or Bluff oysters that I used to eat in New Zealand.

One of the more interesting food blogs in Singapore (and there are many!) is 'ieatishootipost'. Its author has three reviews of omlette eateries that are worth noting.

One final word on the subject of this food blog. I note it has a section dedicated to the Margaret Drive Food Centre which is a short walk from where we live. One look at the fried You Char Kway, Chicken Rice and Popiah and it is easy to see why my waist line is increasing.

Minister Mentor appears from time to time on our television screens. His observations are profound especially when one consider his advancing years. I particularly related to his latest comments that retirement means 'death'. He was speaking at the Silver Industry Conference and Exhibition and was widely reported.

The Christmas decorations have been taken down only to be replaced immediately by those celebrating the forthcoming Chinese New Year.

New Year goodies are 30-40% more expensive in 2008 as the price of flour has gone up, due to the world wide shortage of wheat.

As we will be travelling in the USA over Chinese New Year it will be interesting to see how San Francisco's Chinatown celebrates the festival?

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