Sunday, 31 August 2008

Scripture With Fries

There is something all pervasive about fundamentalist religions, whatever creed they might be.

Not that I begrudge anyone their religious persuasion but I really do not enjoy having someone's beliefs bombarding me at every turn.

So it was with a degree of chagrin that I noted the raised arm waving staring back at me from the restaurant menu.

Sandwiched between the offerings of burgers, fries and Tex-Mex specialities were large dollops of religious text.

The proprietor of the establishment in Cuppage Place was clearly out to share the "word of the Lord" as much as he was to satisfy my hunger for more physical sustenance.

I should have read the small print before being seated. As we were about to leave a woman whom I take was one of the owners ( should that be congregation) passed my wife a pamphlet explaining that they also had a riverboat option moored at Marina South Pier.

Not that we will be paying it a visit as its name "Santa Fe All American Tex-Mex Grill (Marina South Pier) / Breaking Bread " has all the religious trappings of its sister establishment on dry land. One reviewer has described the riverboat's decor as "fervently Christian" which I think is an apt turn of phrase.

Clearly though it is the boat moving in 'mysterious ways' that causes most concern as other reviews refer to sea sickness as dampening the dining experience aboard.

On to more temporal matters. The Formual One promotion is gathering force as can be witnessed by this image taken in Vivo City last week.

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