Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Great Rubber Band Crab Scam

It is very difficult to match the cunning of Chinese vendors.

There is a delightful story in today's China Post about an old man whose son bought him some Portunus crabs as a treat.

These delicacies are sold by weight and so it was with consternation that when the rubber band that bound the crabs together was removed, the man discovered another 42 rubber bands underneath the first.

The total weight of the additional rubber bands was more than 200 gms and therefore the recipient of the gift had been the subject of a scam to increase the weight at point of sale.

In a more positive vein comes the news that an enterprising bag seller in Beijing has invented a handbag that keeps you warm. One one side of the bag has a pocket that can be filled with hot water; the only disadvantage being that it needs frequent refilling to maintain its effectiveness.

Such are the joys of visiting Hong Kong

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