Friday, 16 January 2009

A Passing Wind

It has been cool in Singapore this past fortnight. Cool being a comparative term.

Usually the temperature flat lines around 31 degrees and the television weather forecasts only record wind difference and likely thunderstorms.

For the past two weeks though we have been enjoying cooling trade winds. The temperature has plummeted to a balmy 24 degrees much to the consternation of the locals who can now been seen wearing shawls and track suit tops.

The real relief comes from the lack of humidity rather than temperature variation. The rainy season seems to have come and gone and the gardens of our condominium are looking distinctly parched. The frangipani are shedding their leaves and flowers.

The Straits Time reports that the cool snap has been far more severe in Thailand where "temperatures have fallen to 2 degrees Celsius in the north, killing five people and prompting the authorities to declare an emergency zone across half the country".

Considering that Singapore was hotter last year than the average for the last 50 years the current respite is most welcome.

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