Friday, 22 May 2009

Not Worshipping Idols

Some television shows can be mildly addictive.  My wife watches American Idol and from time to time I will catch up with this parade of 'wannabes'. 

The frustrating thing about the show is that the supremely talented rarely win. So it was yesterday, when a pleasant enough contestant of moderate talent, named Kris, defeated the extremely gifted Adam Lambert. 

It is a contest about block voting and money rather than selecting a deserved winner.  

A noticeable trend in recent years is that it has become strategically important to declare oneself as a 'church leader' and/or a devout member of the Christian faith, thereby securing a large voting block of the US Moral Majority and congregations across the USA.   

Poor old Adam never really had a chance and I suspect a good 'ole dose of homophobia also reared its ugly head. 

If there is any consolation for the talented runner up, history shows us that the winners often sink back into obscurity from whence they came, whereas those who don't achieve the show's ultimate accolade go on to impressive show business careers. 

I shall not be making this show a viewing priority next year and by all accounts, as its slides down the ratings, many others are tuning out as well.

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