Sunday, 21 February 2010

Out With The Old

I have a fondness for Asian ceramics, particularly Chinese ceramics. Up until today I had a small collection that I had put together over the past 20 years (see above).

Not all were all 'quality items' in the eyes of a connoisseur but there were some gems, such as the small Ge Ware bowl (#2) and the blue Ming plate (#3).

However as with all collecting there comes a time when one needs to make a decision about retaining or selling. So yesterday I decided to contact Toh Foong Antiques at 5 Temple street from whom I had bought the best pieces all those years ago.

I can still recall old Mr Tan going to the rear of his shop and bringing back a box with the Ming plate inside.

The old man has since retired and it was his two sons who came this morning to assess my modest holdings and make me an offer I could not refuse.

So now the Ikea glass cabinet is looking somewhat bare, but I am pleased with the financial result and comfortable with the idea that some other lucky person will have many years of enjoyment from these antiques.

Such are the joys of the collector.

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