Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Panda's Daughter

For several months I have enjoyed the Sunday Times articles of Lee Wei Ling. She coincidentally happens to be the daughter of LKY - Lee Kuan Yew to the unitiated.

She is clearly a person who knows her own mind and has inherited a large chunk of the intelligence and directness for which her father is well known. LKY is reported as saying to her "You have all my traits-but to such an exaggerated degree that they become such a disadvantage to you.”

No doubt this sets up some interesting debates around the family dinner table. It is clear that she is not afraid to state her own point of view even though this might put her at odds to the government's stated position or action, which is under the stewardship of her brother, Hsien Loong.

Preferring to remain single, Profesor Lee has chosen to dedicate herself to medicine. Her maritial status has been a point of paternal concern for her father apparently and he referred to this in a speech last year. She, in typical fashion, chose to respond with an essay "Why I chose to remain single"

Her frankness has earned the respect of her fellow Singaporeans and in a recent public survey she was ranked fifth out of the ten most trusted people in Singapore.

Based on what I have read so far (including today's article "The Panda's Daughter" where she talks aboout how people link her with her father), I would have to say that their trust is well placed.

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Jasmine Tan said...

I hold high respect for the Lee family. I salute MM Lee Kuan Yew, PM Lee Hsien Loong and Dr Lee Wei Ling for their contributions and dedication to Singapore. MM Lee Kuan Yew has been my super idol since I was 9. Since following her articles in the Straits Times, Dr Lee Wei Ling has become my new idol.