Friday, 5 March 2010

Poles Apart - The Rise of the Litter Lout

Something seriously needs to be done about these litter bugs. There has been some publicity in the press lately explaining how the Council are going to use a non stick paint on its poles, to make it difficult for these tear-tab posters to be glued up.

Non stick paint is not the answer - strict policing is.

If all of the population did as we do and rip down and bin this litter then it would act as a deterrent. Regrettably the local citizenry seem loath to assist the authorities and this apathy (non engagement) seems to be ingrained.

The biggest disincentive though would be to apply a more rigorous campaign of prosecution; after all Singapore has strong laws against littering and it is just a question of policing and following through with the fines.

It is not for the lack of evidence, which is clearly visible on the pole such as the one pictured which was one of many by this litter lout at my bus stop by Forfar Heights in Commonwealth Avenue.

Here are some campaign ideas to curb this plague:
  1. Take photos on your mobile phone of the poster and send it to the Environment Ministry. The email address is and their customer service line is 1800 225 5632
  2. Ring the number on the poster and tell the person that they are litter bugs and should be ashamed of themselves for breaking Singapore laws.
  3. Whenever you come across one of these pole posters pull it down and put in in the nearest waste paper bin - do this after you have done numbers 1&2
These pole advertisers are a public nuisance and their activity scars the environment.

It is time to get serious and get rid of these pests.

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