Sunday, 4 April 2010

Another Queenstown Valley Sunday

It's another Sunday but this one falls on the Easter weekend.  Back in New Zealand the local populace are busy killing themselves on the road in the great Kiwi tradition.

Even though the road toll fluctuates there is always a spike in road fatalities at this time.  This is why the traditional Easter greeting often contains the words "have a safe weekend".

Here in Singapore talk of traffic is more about th possibility of getting people of the long haul bus services and on to the MRT thereby cutting down travelling time to and from work by up to an hour.

However this initiative does not meet with universal approval as some prefer the opportunity to catch up with sleep in the relative comfort of a bus seat, rather than becoming a sardine in the morning rush MRTs.

My trips in recent time to have literally been pedestrian affairs;  enroute to the Queentown library by way of circumventing the old Queenstown Bowl building.  The latter has been host to a wild bee swarm for the past fortnight but today the swarm had gone, flushed out no doubt by the ever-vigilant pest controllers.

Further on as I passed under the HDB where, just yesterday, I watched groups of sitting men looking upwards at their caged birds, all of which were in full song.  The bird in question was a small green variety looking very similar to the New Zealand waxeye but with a longer beak.  Here I think they referred to as White Eyes.

The wooden Puteh cages themselves are beautifully crafted as you can see in this example left.

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