Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cat On A Cold Icream Stool

Semi-feral cats can sometimes be seen slinking around the HDB blocks of Singapore and they are not a distinguished breed with their short fur and stubby tails.

I call this feline the Icecream Cat as he can be found perfectly at home next to the ice cream vendor's cart by the Queenstown MRT exit.

He was originally a pet cat who discovered many years ago that there was more to offer loitering with intent near the cart on paved apron outside the HDB, than remaining upstairs with his previous owner.

When the vendor arrives by motorbike and sidecar early each afternoon he watches from afar as they set up their umbrella.  Once everything is to his liking he makes his way to the nearest available stool and waits for the saucer of icecream to be placed before him.

The strutting pigeons have nothing to fear as he has no need to chase them for food;  he is content to take his nap under the umbrella and graciously accept the attention of the doting vendor.

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