Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Morning After

This morning I awoke with the realisation that I had handed in my notice the day before and had made a commitment to return to New Zealand by mid year.

After four years it is time to re establish ones roots and to do so before one qualifies for the pension.

So I leave a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed with the British Council, as well as the many friends that I have made in my time here.

Naturally there is a feeling of sadness but this is tempered by the reality that one day I would have to return and it is probably better to do so while being still  'hearty in mind and  limb'.

Today we ordered a new Dell laptop and I paid an unexpected visit to the dentist -  total cost well over $2,500!  This is the sort of thing that always comes out of the blue at a time when you are facing financial pressure.

I can also never work out why a one way airfare is so expensive compared to a return ticket? Singapore Airlines is no exception to this rule.

We will cope nevertheless, having been frugal in our habits during our time in Singapore.

On the subject of returning home I note in today's paper that the PM is hoping Singaporeans based overseas will realise the country's developments and economic growth particularly after the financial crisis and return home soon.

To be frank I doubt if this inducement will work to any great degree.  Many of the Singaporeans I have talked to yearn to live and work overseas but they are unable to do so due to family commitments.

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