Friday, 18 June 2010

Another Day Of Trading In The Library

"You've got to get here quick" William said to me.  William and I had only just met in the queue outside the Queenstown Library plate glass doors.

"But the Library doesn't open until ten" I said.

"That's so" he said "but you are lucky today as there is drizzle".  Drizzle I found out later means that the normally large queue was nowhere to be seen.

I had arrived at 9:30 am, by accident rather than design as I thought the place opened earlier.  My desperation was prompted by the fact that my Singnet account has been successfully disconnected as we had requested. So I now have to resort to using the free Wireless@SG service which I signed up for last month.

The Electronic Day Trader: Successful Strategies for On-line TradingIn truth this is my second visit today and this segment is written at 3 pm in the afternoon, the library being only a short 15 minute walk from our condo.  William I note is still here since morning as are several familiar faces from the earlier queue.

You make well ask "What do they do all day?" 

I was asking myself the same question but I believe I now have the answer.

Many are Day Traders;  share trading online and watching the ebb and flow of the stock market charts, before they commit to a sale or purchase.

The is a favourite past time for many people and a significant percentage of the population make their living in this manner

This then is composed in the air conditioned comfort of the first floor of the Library.  I have taken William's advice and managed to secure one of the large desks by the window.

"Free power and free broadband, why not good?" as he put it so succinctly.
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Jolly Roger said...

Today is Saturday and definitely my last day in the Library. I was 'first in queue' today and so have secured on of the best seats in air-conditioned opulence!