Thursday, 24 June 2010

Healthy, Wealthy And Homeless

Edmund Hillary on the New Zealand five-dollar note
I am now officially a homeless person having completed the sale of our condo and received two pieces of paper in return.

The papers in question thankfully had several naughts printed on them and we spent part of the afternoon negotiating a reasonably exchange rate with the UOB bank so that we could transfer our capital back to New Zealand.

Currency Trading For DummiesWatching the highly volatile exchange rates is a fraught, especially at the moment where the political demise of an Australian Prime Minister coupled with the machination of the Euro have conspired to drive the $NZ skywards.

Fortunately the Singapore dollar has remained marginally higher than the New Zealand dollar which is in our favour.

To think that some people actually enjoy playing with currencies and do so for a living.  There seems to be little science to beating the odds, just a lot of shear luck.
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