Friday, 9 July 2010

Fresh Bread, Cheese and Breeze

View from Macleans Road, Bucklands Beach.
Ah the warm tropical breezes of Singapore which are regrettably a rapidly fading memory as I wander the streets of Manukau city disguised as a clothing blimp.

As of today we are living in Bucklands Beach Road which as its title suggests, is near the beach in Auckland.

We have been making up for time dining on crunchy New Zealand apples, fresh camembert, soy and linseed bread and bags of chippies (the bad stuff!) all at ridiculously cheap prices.

Tonight I intend opening a bottle of Australian Cabernet Merlot to celebrate our fifth day back - any excuse for a sip or two! Somehow drinking red wine in the heat of the tropics was not quite the same.

'Economy rice withdrawal' is an affliction that I am fast developing.  NZ produce is all well and good but I am missing my Malay curries already.

I loved Singapore and made a number of good friends amongst the locals and they will remain friends forever.

But I have also been lucky with close friends from my AUT days who have made us feel most welcome upon our return.

There also some interesting job opportunities on the horizon so we shall wait and see what transpires.
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