Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Curse Of A Million Dumplings

Diagram of Singapore Street Circuit.You have go to feel sorry for competition winners in Russia; they end up with the most unusual prizes.

A recent karaoke contestant has the singular misfortune of winning 1 million Russian dumplings as first prize.

According to the organisers this amount is enough to last you 27 years if you eat 100 a day.  Not that you would still be eating them in your 27th year of course; obesity would have claimed you long before then.

Spare a thought also for other winners, such as the Englishman who won three months use of a tractor and another who won a a 10 minute accompanied drive of a 20 tonne demolition excavator.

There are now competitons for everything including one for Rotten Sneakers.

The biggest prize in Singapore these past couple of days has been the top podium finish by Fernando Alonso in the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix.  This is raced around a street circuit that some claim is a financial noose around unfortunate shop keepers.

The Chinatown merchants say that they lost 60% of their business over the event whereas the Singapore Tourism Bureau claims that it brought in additional revenue of $S100,000.

The Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, is refusing to be drawn as to whether the current race contract of five years will be extended. He has pormised a "robust cost-benefit analysis" which would seem to suggest a renewal will be anything but smooth sailing.

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