Friday, 3 September 2010

The Delivery Man Cometh...Sometimes

Waiting for a delivery
Delivery guys drive me nuts!

As per usual we itemised the morning time of delivery on the docket and equally true to form the van was nowhere to be seen by midday.

The frustration of trying to track down the elusive van reached a crescendo at noon and finally..... after calls to the shop where we bought our appliances..... a call.

"We are lost" said the driver. "Can't find your house on the map"

"Have you read the  very carefully composed direction we left on the payment docket?" I asked. "If you had done so you would have realised that this is a new property and won't appear on any postcode"

A pregnant pause.

"It's not on our delivery docket" was the reply.

There then ensued a rather terse conversation, the upshot of which was the van arrived half and hour later.

In preparation for the delivery we had vacuumed and mopped floors to make sure that when appliances were in place, they were on a clean base.

The items which included a refrigerator were offloaded at lightning speed.

Would they mind slipping off their dirty boots when the entered the house was my polite request.

"No, we can't take off our boots, it's an Occupation Health and Safety requirement that we keep them on"

"Then do you have any drop sheets to cover our newly cleaned carpet?"

 Of course they did not and one of them even  managed to cut his finger while installing the washing machine leaving red smears on the wall.

Today we are having another delivery; furniture, so at least we will have something to site on while we wait for deliveries in the future!
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