Thursday, 30 September 2010

Seeing is Believing

I have returned from Singapore to a country that takes people at face value; at least we take their qualifications at face value it would seem.

Apparently a Nigerian drug dealer has been successfully posing as a hospital psychiatrist in one of New Zealand's southern cities.

His patients apparently had no complaints about his diagnosis, which either tells us something about psychiatrists in general, or the state of mind of the patients in his care.

It was only when he applied for full residence that his bogus quailfications for the job were exposed.

This is not our first fake 'shrink'.  A Polish transvestite and fake doctor worked in a regional hosiptal and was belatedly exposed when one of her released patients decided to decaptiate his girl firend.
NZ's recently departed Chief Scientist

Our chief scientist, a Stephen Wilce, laid claim to working for the British Intelligence services, being a Royal Marine combat veteran and a member of an Olympic bobsled team.

The Brit (pictured), lived a Walter Mitty life in New Zealand and conned his way into one of the most sensitve defence roles we have.

He got away with it for five years before being outed.

Our defence allies including Singapore will no doubt be reviewing their arrangements, especially those to which Mr Wlice has affixed his signature.

He clearly has a mental or fantasist problem and I believe know just the psychiatrist to examine him!
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