Monday, 20 February 2012

Stringing Along

Yuriy Shishkov
This week in Singapore the world's most expensive guitar is on show; a jewel-encrusted beauty with an estimated value of $US90,000.

Not only is it on show, it is also on sale but the promoter is honest enough to state that it is aimed at South Eastern Asian royalty rather than the hoy paloy.  The article also states that the "the guitar wires are hand-hammered of fine silver".  I am presuming that this refers to the frets not the guitar strings themselves?

It is a far cry from my first guitar, an 'instrument' whose neck I crafted out of an old rugby goal post back in the mid Sixties.  I wrote about its construction in an earlier post but I can assure you there were no jewels adorning its frame.

The craftsman who made the Singapore Special is one Yuriy Shishkov, a Russian who works for the Fender Custom Shop.

Not all of his creations are made with royalty in mind; some are downright bizarre such as his 'gut special' which comes replete with intestines (below).

 "Midnight Opulence", for this is the name of the guitar on sale in Singapore, is well beyond my budget.

A more practical budget focus is provided this week by the Government who are aiming for a 'A balanced Budget for the long term', or so they say.  Certainly some political realities are being addressed in the 2012 document.  Less foreign workers and more community support for the elderly and disadvantaged feature.

The concept of senior group homes for the elderly without family support is a good one and much needed as more Singaporeans age and the traditional family support no longer features so strongly.
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