Thursday, 9 August 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore

It's August 9th and that means National Day in Singapore;thisyear is the 47th anniversary as it turns out.
As per usual there is a patriotic song around the selected theme. The socially binding statement for 2012 is "Loving Singapore Our Home".

What has impressed me is how each year the country makes increasing use of online media to engage with its citizens.

As well as a photo competition (my favourite from the winners - by Teo Yong Kang - can be seen below) people can now create and download an e-flag as well as an e-pledge.

And Singapore being Singapore i.e. a shopping paradise, no celebration would be complete without a range of discounts, coupon and offers. As the coupon site says "What is a birthday without presents, goodies and all things nice?". I note I can get a fish and chip set from Botak Jones and even D24 durian puffs are on special!
Photo:  Teo Yong Kang
So happy birthday Singapore.  I won't be there in person to see the jest whizzing past my condo window, but I will be celebrating in spirit from afar.
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