Sunday, 26 July 2009

Singapore HeritageFest

I want to give a big tick (to quote a local televsion advert that is running at the moment) to the National Heritage Board for their National HeritageFest.

At Vivo City yesterday we came across a booth and sound stage which was erected as part of the cultural celebration (Sound Stories). I picked up a couple of heritage trail booklets which are pictured above. They both are excellent productions; well written and each with an interesting trail map to follow.

There were a number of interesting snippets about places that my wife can remember from her early childhood. For example the New World Park which was very popular up until the mid 1950's and where one paid $1 for three dances with local women - and they only got 8 cents a dance to keep.

Apparently there were also some interesting cabaret acts including a stripper called Rose Chan who wrestled pythons as part of her show.

Python wrestling seems to have fallen out of favour here in Singapore I am pleased to report, but we are gearing up for a local election in 2010 or possibly before, which promising to even more entertaining.

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