Saturday, 26 September 2009

Not Everyone Is Affluent In Singapore

Recycling Singapore Style - Queenstown
Photo: Roger Smith (Click image for larger version)

As the mega rich spend thousands of dollars on the Formula One event in Singapore this weekend spare a thought for some of the 'heartlanders' who are feeling the pinch.

The above is a not uncommon sight on the streets of Singapore where a few older folk stretch their savings further by taking on recycling activity.

Used drink cans are prised from rubbish bins, flattened under heel and added to plastic bag carriers. Clean cardboard and old newspapers are also much in demand.

Even in our condo the maids and ground staff regularly scavenge through the recycle bins to see if there is anything worth salvaging.

Given that many expatriate tenants dump perfectly servicable appliances upon their departure, this practice probably proves to be quite lucrative.


KAM said...

We will always have the poor people compared to the rich. We cannot eradicate all poor people from our society or any society in the world, totally.
As long as we satisfy the majority of the main population, we have one small step towards a successful management or governance of a country.
I am not PAP.

Anonymous said...

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