Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Food of the Ancients

Quite by chance I came across a translation of one of the most famous cookbooks of all - Apicius; a collection of Roman cookery recipes, compiled in the late 4th or early 5th century AD.

I doubt if many of the recipes will ever make their way to the Margaret Drive Hawker Centre but one never knows.

The list of culinary delights includes: Grilled Sow's Womb, Roast Loins Made Thus, Milk-fed Snails and not forgetting the various laxative vegetable recipes. The latter no doubt taken after attempting to digest the sow.

Approaching the Chinese New Year the price of local sweet meats has already risen and will continue to do so. Bak Kwa will be at apremium in Singapore.

For the next two weeks though I will be back in the land of my birth, after nearly four years away. The diet of milk products, crusty bread and fresh seasonal vegetables (per chance the odd avocado?) will make a pleasant change.

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Michelle said...

ooohhhh! sows womb? does NOT even sound good
now the bread and vegetables-the do :0)