Wednesday, 2 May 2012

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The smell of roasting pork is one of the great sensory delights and a common one in Singapore. So it is no surprise to learn that  the owner of Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint has her enterprise on the market for around $1.8 million.

For this sum you get all the secret recipes as the aging owner no longer feels capable of carrying on; a great pity but one that is all too common in Singapore as the hawkers age and have no one in the family to take over.

I figure that if Coca Cola and KFC can have their secret recipes under lock and key in large safes then there is no reason why the recipes for these delectable dishes can't attract a premium price as well.

In a less positive vein I get fed up at some with the snide comments made about Singapore by people who have never lived there or have there own personal axe to grind..

The ongoing Yale NUS saga being a case in point, with a bunch of American academics trying to stymie what appears to me to be a perfectly sensible partnership between two global universities which will benefit both, and foster dialogue.

Much also has been made of the freedom or otherwise of the press in the Republic. Some may therefore see a slight irony in Associate Professor Tan Tin Wee's elevation to the Internet Hall of Fame; the Net being one of the free-est forms of expression around. Personally I congratulate him on his elevation. A Biochemist by profession, Professor Tan was one of the staunchest advocates for the development of the Internet in Singapore.

Singapore's high-speed broadband initiative is something that impresses me greatly - how I wish we had such advocacy in New Zealand.
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