Thursday, 30 November 2006

A Short Singaporean Epistle!

Well here are we are - two months into the Singapore experience and discovering the differences and opportunities of living here, mainly the latter.

We arrived Mid September and two weeks later I started my new career as a University Library Manager - the behind the scenes stuff that is. Computer systems, web sites etc.

We have a small but very friendly team (
see this site ) and our first intake of students is in 2007. In 2009 we all move out to the new campus which is currently being built at Changi (near the airport).

After the initial two weeks, the two senior managers of which I am one, were sent to the main UNSW university in Sydney for a fortnight's familiarisation. Then it was back to "Singers". My wife came with me to Sydney and we stocked up on items that we had found expensive in Singapore - good quality coffee and muesli to name but two!

Our diet is almost exclusively "Asian" which suits me just fine although my tailor has noted an expansion of waistline - must be all that
Rojak to which I am mildy addicted.

We are fortunate enough to have bought a two bedroom+1 "condo" at a complex called 'Queens" - in the "Windsor Block" no less. I feel an attack of the 'Corgis' coming on!@!

There's a US guy who has bought in the same complex and he has put his views online. See
his site to get an idea of the place. Ours is more modestly sized but just as well appointed. See also for some panoramas from a real estate agents perspective.

I have absolutely no regrets about leaving NZ or the "Land of the Long White Taxes" as it has become known. No more winters for a start and Singaporeans are so postive about life

Public transport here is superb and cheap, be it by bus, taxi or the very clean and efficient MRT. It takes me 15 minutes by bus to get to work and will be about the same time when we move into our new apartment in the New Year. As a result I have no great desire to buy another car. The cost of running one here is more expensive than NZ.

I should add that I have become a Permanent Resident of Singapore having been granted this esteemed status by the Government. I very much appreciate the opportunity to become a "PR" as it is my intent to forge a new life here.

The above is a start on recounting our experiences - there will be more to come.

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