Monday, 12 February 2007

An Antibiotic Episode

This is a short entry after having been laid low by a bout of acute food poisoning in the middle of last week, contacted in our very own university canteen no less.

It is many years since I have have sunk so low so quickly and it reminded me of the other fact of relocating to a new climate and country - the bugs pick out the newcomer and react more virulently on the unsuspecting stomach! This realisation usually happens within the first six months of arrival and I just managed to squeeze my bout in within this timeframe.

At least today my course of antibiotics have been completed (or should that be 'curse' of antibiotics as they too affect the stomach) and I am easing my body back to the realisation that it needs to to eat food.

For my part I have resolved to give the malay food (and chillie in particular) a miss. My second resolution is to write a short ditty on the subject which I shall do when the moods take.

To more edifying matters. We are packing our suitcase in preparation for four days in Genting. This means an early morning start on Thursday as the bus departs at 6:30 am from Singapore and allowing for comfort stops does not reach its destination until about 2pm in the afternoon.

The advertising for Chinese New Year continues unabated, the price of Bak Kwa mentioned in an early blog entry has reached $48 per kilo and poor old "Valentines Day" (which is this week) very much plays second fiddle as a festival in these parts.

As this will be my final posting until after New Year can I wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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