Saturday, 31 March 2007

The Cold Shoulder

Early last week I awoke with a shoulder that refused to work and when I attempted to use it, proved to be extremely painful. I was apparently one of the 'lucky 2%' 0f the population that succumbs to an ailment called Frozen Shoulder or, if you want its medical title, adhesive capsulitis.

Until you lose the use of a limb you are never truly aware just how debilitating it can be. Everyday tasks become mountains to climb and sleep becomes elusive. I was never even aware such a condition existed but I have subsequently discovered scores of web sites dedicated to the subject.

I did however have one ace up my sleeve, in the form of a great physician, Dr. Toh who is based in the Camden Medical Centre (photo left) .

Toh Keng Kiat is one of the old school of doctors who actually listens to his patients and has the experience to provide sound advice. He is also very keen on using new technologies where they might assist and he hooked me up to the latest Japanese machine.
For those interested its full title is: ASIAS, AH 300 series, Encoded Electronics Therapy Equipment (see image below)

This amazing device provides pain relief and heals tissues etc. down to the basic DNA building blocks. It should not be confused with the much simpler electropulse massagers which simluate acupuncture techniques

Frozen shoulder can take months to correct but three sessions with the electropulse device have seen me regain more than 80% mobility in the past few days. The fact that I can type this blog entry is largely down to him.

In our conversations I also became aware that is a former Singaporean MP and he provides some interesting perspectives on the challenges that lie ahead for Singapore.

Dr Toh is a visiting consultant haematologist at Singapore General Hospital and also crosses the Causeway to tutor medical students at Monash's Johore Bahru campus in Malaysia. All in all a busy man and I consider myself lucky to be under his care.

Today is my first working Saturday in Singapore. The library is open from midday until 7pm each Saturday during the semester and we take it in turns on the management roster. It would be fair to record that we have not exactly been inundated with students thus far! In fact we are lucky if one appears at all.

With seven hours to kill I have taken the opportunity to update the Image Gallery I am building for the university. Our large screen television in the Library has also provided me with coverage of Aussie Rules and NRL games so time passed relatively easily.

I can now look forward to the Monday off and shopping in Singapore without the accompanying weekend crowds.

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Phyllis said...

Good to hear that you are on the mend and so well taken care of by Dr. Toh. The orthopedist has recently told me that I have arthritis in my knees. Not unusual for an aging archeologist. You have my sympathy!