Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Test For New Water

One of the most interesting technological developments in Singapore in recent years has been that of 'new water', a process that recycles water so successfully it is once again fit for human consumption.

However the general drinking water has recently faced a more severe test with the discovery of a deceased Maid in one of the HDB roof water tanks.

According to the newspaper reports some residents of a block of Housing Board flats in Woodlands were greeted with an unusual sight when they turned on their taps yesterday morning.

"The water was slightly yellowish and appeared unnaturally foamy."

While most put it down to the water pipes malfunctioning other residents called the Sembawang Town Council to complain.

It wasn't until late morning that the water supply was cut off and only later were the residents informed  about the murder victim in their town supply.

A Bangladeshi cleaner has been charged with the murder of a 30-year-old Indonesian maid and if convicted will face the death penalty.
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