Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Napier Road Awash

There's rain and then there's RAIN.  This photograph was taken by a friend and former colleague of mine at the British Council in Singapore.

Napier Road - Photo Robert Morales
It is the view out of what was my office window overlooking the two lane Napier Road, near the junction with Tanglin Mall.

The tropical deluge that created this flood is not uncommon and the coming of the rains brings welcome respite from the June heat.  It is also a time of danger as people have been knwon to get washed into culverts, so one has to be very careful when crossing flooded areas.

As I discovered, even the strongest umbrella couldn't stop you getting soaked when the heavens opened in this manner.  It is best to site it out and wait for the storm to pass, which they usually do within an hour.

Click this link for the sound of a tropical deluge that I recorded on my mobile phone in late 2006.

Shoes in Singapore do not last as the soles often separate from the uppers due to the constant wetness. A change of shoes in the office is also a wise move.

The above video is Tanglin Mall which is just down the road from the British Council and where my colleagues and I often took our lunch, in the foodcourt on the lower level.
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