Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Picky Cabbies

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I am often impressed by the efforts of cabbies to reign in the bad habits of passengers.  There are the usual reminders that if you through up in the vehicle you will be liable for the cleaning of the interior.  In other countries one also find a security grill between you as the passenger, and the driver, especially when travelling in less salubrious districts.

But the home computer-generated sign in a Singapore cab (pictured right) takes restrictions to a whole new level.  As I have never been tempted to clip my toenails or pick my nose in a cab these announcements do not apply to the likes of me.

However it makes one think that maybe other are not so 'picky' or perhaps that should be "more picky"?

More disturbing is the news today that a new SARS-like virus has been discovered in the Middle East.  This will be of particular concern to the Singapore as the SARS epidemic itself had a major impact on both its health and the economy.

With Changi being a major air traffic hub, any one of the thousands of passengers who pass through it daily could be carriers of a virus. And on the subject of viruses, yesterday I got my annual 'flu shot in an effort to ward off any influenza that might come around in the next twelve months.  This has been my custom for the past five years and I got my first inoculation in Singapore when the organisation I worked for provided free doctors visits for this purpose.

This year's jab has left me a tad lethargic and snuffly for twenty four hours but the long term benefits should outweigh the temporary side effects.  Luckily my sniffles will not be attracting the attention of  Singapore cabby and there will be no picking!
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