Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Love Those Love Vouchers

If you have demolished the last of your mints and failed to achieve a 'mint moment' you may have to turn to the latest initiative from the  Social Development Network, the agency that is doing its very best to push up the marriage and birth rate in Singapore.

Apparently one can now buy a 'love voucher' to give a 'love gift' to a partner of choice and there is even a web site set up to do so.

These are not the kind of 'love gifts' that would have enough value to buy a Dior handbag but ten bucks goes a long way nowadays.

To be more precise these are 'Love Gift Dating Vouchers' and you can only redeem them with an accredited dating agency. So if you have a sweet tooth and a box of chocolates was on your mind, forget it.  Its professional services and activities only; dancing and adventure tours included.

And you need to be somewhat of a speed-dater and make up your mind, as the vouchers run out in 4 months and are non refundable.

You have to give the SDN an 'A' for effort -  at least they are trying to boost Singapore's low fertility rate and have been doing so since 1984.  And the Love Vouchers are being followed later this month by the Dating Fest where singles will qualify for a 50% subsidy to "offset the cost of activities and events organised by SDN Trust-accredited agencies".

At end of the event, they hope to gather 500 singles and break the local record for the most number of singles participating in a speed-dating activity.

Think I'll stick to the mints -  it all sounds  bit too frenetic to me.
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