Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lipstick and Gloss

Zebra crab. Photo: NUS.
The splendour of the tropics is one of enduring memories for those of use who have lived in this zone.  The flora and fauna and both abundant and vibrant.  The same can be said for the inhabitants of the marine environment.

It is therefore no surprise that a "Lipstick" sea anemone has been discovered in Pulau Ubin's mudflats; and it could be a completely new species found nowhere else.  The same can be said for the orange-clawed mangrove crab.

Perhaps my favourite though is the one that the Straits Times chose to feature,  the zebra crab. Since 2010 the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey has documented some 30,000 specimens found in the mudflats, sea beds and on reefs.

The survey is a joint scientific effort between the National University of Singapore's Tropical Marine Science Institute and the National Parks Board (who for some peculiar branding reason have adopted the acronym NParks).

From lipstick to gloss is but a small transition, but in terms of the arts in Singapore, one gigantic step.  In the past few hours the Singapore film 'Ilo Ilo' has won a prestigious Cannes prize for it's Singaporean director.

Anthony Chen is the first Singaporean to win the prestigious Camera d'Or prize and deservedly so according to the festival jury. It is tangible evidence of Singapore's cultural renaissance, whose origin can be traced back to former PM's Goh Chok Tong's time in office.

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