Tuesday, 18 June 2013

From Small Seeds A Vision Grows

The Koenigsegg Agera S hypercar
Singaporeans are known for being quick on the uptake but when it comes to moving around the republic, one of them will be even quicker.

A Ms Angela Tan, the wife of Singaporean investor Denis Chua, has just paid $5.3 million for a Koenigsegg Agera S hypercar. The vehicle (seems a bit of a put-down it call it thus) was built in a factory in Ängelholm, Sweden

This makes it the fastest and most expensive car in Singapore.  Not that being the fastest car on the roads is much of an advantage unless the owner is going to risk the wrath of the traffic police by screaming down Orchard Road at 1 am in the morning?

Not sure what the COE costs for such a vehicle would be?  Mind you, if you can afford a car that costs in excess of $S5 million you can surely afford to pay the taxes.

While the Agera S is busy pumping out carbon monoxide at a rapid rate, from the other end of the eco-spectrum comes the news that the former PM and Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew has continued his tradition of planting a tree.

This is the 50th year that he has done so. In the 1960's the overseas media took a somewhat perverse delight in labelling Singapore a concrete jungle.  The then PM responded to this by introducing the concept of a green Singapore. As the AsiaOne article puts it "he recognised that the introduction of greenery would soften the harshness of urbanisation and improve the quality of life in the city".

As one who thoroughly appreciated being able to walk under shady bowers during the heat of the day, the greening of Singapore is very much appreciated.  It just goes to prove that the seed of a vision planted half a century ago can grow into something that is of huge benefit to society.

And speaking of seeds, I see another idea is germinating.  The Yale-NUS College is to have 150 students in its first intake which is a great poke in the eye for the US-based, academic naysayers.  Pleased to see that they received 11,400 applications from over 130 countries and that one of the students is from New Zealand.

Well done Yale-NUS.  Long may you prosper!
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