Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Feeling Motivated

Motivation is a great things and there is nothing more motivational than a reasonable pay packet and a feeling of worth, provided by regular employment.

Faced with a skills shortage and an aging population Singapore has two choices; bring in more people from outside to plug the gap or re-engage old workers who are past retirement age.

The first option is becoming ever more politically unpalatable for many and the second requires a re-think of the pay and condition for older workers who choose to re engage with the workforce.

While private companies have been to the fore in keeping 'retirees' on a salary base that is similar to their previous employment, others in the public service have been less fortunate - until now.

Singapore's newspaper Today reports that "From next month, all re-employed lower-wage public officers will continue at the same grade and earn the same salary as before".

Prior to this anyone reaching the ripe old age of 62 faced the prospect of having their salary adjusted down by as much as 30%!  Not that their faculties are diminished by 30% from one day to the next but that was the inference.

However, if you are further up the pecking order in a management role the prospects are not as great as you could end up being offered a pay scale two grades below when you start your 63rd year.
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