Sunday, 18 January 2015

Singapore Then And Now - Photographs That Celebrate 50 Years

The Straits Times has been publishing some interesting 'then and now' slider images recently.  These show common Singapore landmarks as they were, and as they are now.

They include the following:

The MPH Building
See the full size slider photos here.
The Cathay Cinema
See the full size slider photos here.
Clarke Quay
See the full size slider photos here.
Capitol Theatre in 1983 and today.
See full size slider here.
I am pleased that a number of these heritage buildings are still standing, as many of them were lost forever in the drive for modernisation and thanks to the stress of a tropical climate on such structures.

The newspaper will be adding new slider images each Thursday in 2015 as part of the celebrations this year of Singapore's 50th Anniversary.

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