Thursday, 27 January 2011

Unwanted Publicity

They say that all publicity is good publicity but it was a big disappointment to discover that two Singapore hotels figure prominently in Asia's Top Ten Dirtiest Hotels.

To make matters worse the ill-named Goldkist Beach Resort heads the list.  One poor guest was disconcerted to learn that “Taxi Drivers will laugh if you say you are staying here”  and I quote "Waaa, why stay there lah! This place only for party at beach, better stay somewhere else, not good for tourist".

Aspinalls ("Sleeping on the street would have been cleaner") came in third.

There is actually no excuse for filth and lousy service and I am sure the Singapore Tourist Bureau will be paying them a visit, along with the environmental agencies.

When an Australian guest writes: "No words can describe how horrible this place is and not exaggerating when I say it is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in" then this sort of bad press travels on the web and undoes all of the excellent work the STB does to promote Singapore.

To provide a balanced review I sought out the best service for hotels in Asia thinking that at least one Singapore hotel would make the list, given the national emphasis on service training for staff - alas no.

But all is not entirely lost as The Quincy Hotel ranked #1 as the Trendist Hotel in Asia and the New Majestic made #9 in the same category.

Next year it would be nice to see a Singapore hotel top all of the best categories; now that would be a goal to aim for.
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