Thursday, 10 February 2011

When Food Meets Science

Cup noodle bought from supermarket.I hope I am not misunderstood when I say that most highly processed food leaves me unimpressed.

The inventor of the instant noodle has a lot to answer for, albeit that these dried pieces of 'string' and spice sachets have become the staple diet of impoverished students around the world.

Now the Japanese have taken this obsession for plastic food on plastic trays a step further.

They have blended science with sustenance and produced what appears at face value to be totally unpalatable sushi.

I can confidently predict on the basis of this video that the future of in-flight meals in economy class has been revealed.

There of course those who find the prospect of eating this stuff exciting.  Maybe on a long trip to some galactic colony, but give me a ripe camembert and a slice of wholemeal bread any day!
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