Saturday, 23 July 2011

Death in the Key of D

Today is a rare respite to the recent winter dampness and I am sitting at the keyboard with Mozart's Symphony No. 5: Allegro con brio playing in the background. Now there was a guy who knew how to turn out a tune or two.

The l'enfant terrible would have had a hard time in Singapore with his non-conformist attitude and all-consuming focus on his own being.

Somehow I can't see him playing a leading role in any national courtesy campaign either.

A touch of Mozart is also a reassurance that not all the world is balmy, countering today's revelation that an organic farmer from Norway has killed 80 people with a bomb in parliament and a later shooting rampage at a youth camp. A diet of organic vegetables no doubt contributing to his insanity.

I doubt if we will ever know what drove Anders Behring Breivik to commit this act but it does remind one that even in a supposedly peaceful society such atrocities can occur.

No wonder Singapore keeps reminding its citizens that it too is an iconic target for acts of terror.  In the past fortnight 11 suspects have been arrested in Indonesia as they planned to attack the Singapore embassy in Jakarta.

As to Mozart,he could have avoided a premature death if he had spent more time basking in the sun and thereby absorbing Vitamin D, recent research suggests.

"Mozart did much of his composing at night, so would have slept during much of the day. At the latitude of Vienna, 48 degrees N, it is impossible to make vitamin D from solar ultraviolet-B irradiance for about 6 months of the year," the authors write. "Mozart died on December 5, 1791, two to three months into the vitamin D winter."

Given the amount of sun in Singapore perhaps he should have relocated to the island republic. At the very least he should not have come to Auckland in the middle of a New Zealand winter.
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