Monday, 1 August 2011

National Day Parade 2011

Singapore's National Day is always celebrated in song and heavily promoted by the government and Mediacorp. The above video is of song composed and sung by Lorraine Tan.

The official song for the NDP is called "In A Heartbeat and is sung by a former Singapore idol runner-up, Sylvia Ratonel. She is a Euro-Filipino who signed a fulltime contract with the government's MediaCorp after Singapore idol so it is not surprising she is the chosen one for this rendition.

I much prefer the Lorraine Tan offering as I find Ms Ratonel's effort vocally insipid.  However this is a matter of personal taste.

The country's greatest asset is its people as it has no natural resources to speak of.  Although the lyrics and sentiments may seem rather 'saccharine' to outsiders, they reflect the importance of family as the key unit of social stability and support.

It is interesting to review such ditties from previous years and all have a similar perspective.
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