Sunday, 28 August 2011

The New President of Jurong

Mr Christopher Pereira has
created a new model of
the outgoing president
 - Straits Times - 
So now we have it, the result of the recount which shows that the new president Dr Tony Tan won by just 0.34% more of the vote than the second place-getter.

Considering that 2,153,014 votes were cast and the winning margin between the two leading candidates was a measly 7,269, both sides must be ruing the fact that 37,826 votes were spoiled.

To the victor the spoils as the old saying goes, so congratulations to President Tony Tan who can now look forward to a salary that is the highest paid for any elected official in the world - S$4,267,500.

It is also a victory for PAP party organisation who rallied their troops behind Tony Tan.

The government will be delighted with the outcome as they have 'their man' in the Presidential chair who can be counted upon to support their every move.

One has to feel sorry for the candidate who came second, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, who has been the most popular choice but lacked the party infrastructure to get him past the finishing line.

No doubt he will remain the "President of Jurong" in the minds of many, irrespective of this election result. As he said in his final speech of the early morning "I hope this election will set Singaporeans thinking…".

I am sure that they already thinking; about the outcome of the next election in four years time.
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