Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pee Power - The Answer To Nuclear Energy

It's a cow peeingImage by MrTopher via FlickrAccording to a recent article in Wired magazine, urine can be put to good use for generating power. A better option for power generation than nuclear perhaps?

It's just a pity that Iran is not building bovine reactors rather than their nuclear equivalent.

Singapore might also consider having a few cows in pasture to cut down on its energy costs.

According to Rachel Zurer in the latest issue of Wired, urine it can be used as an energy source for hydrogen fuel cells:

“Each molecule of urine, has double the hydrogen atoms of a water molecule and holds on to them less tightly. That means the atoms are easier to split off, promising a cheaper and more efficient source of hydrogen gas that H2O.”

Ohio University Professor Geradine Botte says that the urine from just one cow contains enough energy supply hot water for 19 houses.

So perhaps we can also save the geothermal capabilities of Rotorua at the same time by using "Pee Power"?

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