Sunday, 10 June 2012

'Chendol Champions' & More!

Chednol Champion - Singapore Keychain Chendol Champion - Singapore Tote Bag Chendol Champion-Singapore Teeshirt Chendol Champion - Singapore Mug
Chendol Champion - Singapore Button Chendol Champion - Singapore Apron Singapore 1910 postman - iPhone Case Old Singapore  - Button
So Shiok  - Singapore Tie Don't Bug Me! iPhone Case Orchid Jigsaw Puzzle Orchid Jigsaw Puzzle
Orchid Jigsaw Puzzle Singapore Orchard Road Jigsaw Puzzle
 iPhone Covers,
Orchid Jigsaws, So Shiok Ties & more!

See them all in the
Chendol is one of my all time favourite desserts and inspired me to produce the design above.  Then I got to thinking, "How is it actually made?"

In Singapore I enjoyed the variety with red beans but it is apparently 'sacrilegious' to mention the word 'beans' in the same breath as the dessert; at least to Indonesians.

The video below gives a good demonstration of how the basic ingredients are prepared, without a fancy Chendol press to create the 'green worms'. Time consuming but delicious!

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